OSE I8 Open/Bogies wagons France 1967-1970

Re: OSE I8 Open/Bogies wagons France 1967-1970

Postby BarbaPanagos » Fri Apr 24, 2020 1:52 pm

:D till now there is only a part timer acting in intervals as: project organizer, decals designer, models modifier, assembler, painter, decals applier, weathering applier, plus now and then undertakes some minor tasks...
You are most welcomed as there is a place at the 3D designing department :D

in meanwhile the decals applier has finished the work and the painter has sealed everything with Vallejo Matt varnish.
The decals film is great and has completely disappeared.
The first model needed almost 3 hours to have the decals applied, the rest needed about 1.25 hours each... :mrgreen:

Ι8 15.jpg

Ι8 16.jpg
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