Pre- and after- war narrow gauge coaches (rebuilt, former, etc.)

Pre- and after- war narrow gauge coaches (rebuilt, former, etc.)

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In this new topic (thanks christo for the permission :mrgreen: to open it) I would like to ask for everybody's help to gather information about the carriages used by;

SPAP (except the four- axled ραβδωτά - they have their own topic)
, as well as other narrow(er) gauge cars used (for example in SS line) in Greece and left here.

To begin with,(I have only types and manufacturers-NO numbering)


1907 Jan Weizer side- doored (ΑΒ 131-135 etc.)
1913 Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau, many (?) types
1925 Ganz Danubius
1884 unknown to me :cry:
1949-1952 all the ραβδωτά types...
SA carriages that passed to the SPAP...
1952 SIAI MARCHETTI (they have their own topic)


1925 (the brothers of <<Πολεμιστής>>- carriage ΒΒΔ 0035- I have its numbering :mrgreen: )(some were destroyed in December of 1935 in an accident).Βφπτ 821 (851?) survives in good condition in Tripolis.


Side doored carriages and normal ones, unknown :cry:
Rebuilt carriages (see A. Luft's photos)


They have an other topic

As for the Pelinon Decauville line;

wooden passenger carriages and passenger - luggage (?) cars
After - war carriages, rebuilt ones, both open and closed (used today)
SS line cars that went there for the reiteration of Volos Tramway which never happened...

SS and Skydra Aridaia, as well as all the lines in Macedonia (GREECE).

Side doored carriages normally, none left (only frame(s) left)

DK line (I did not want to confuse it with the SPAP)

1890 side doored (see Athens Railway Museum)
Newer panoramic view carriages, see Βφπτ 131, as I can remember, in Kalavryta Engine Shed.
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