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SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:31 am
by Andreas
Hi to all,

a small update to those who may be interested. About 8 Months ago I started with the project of modelling some Express Passenger coaches of the SEK in Era II & III according to the information that we had. After research with a colleague we managed to find out the correct running numbers....until the original documents of these coaches appeared about 3 months ago. All our number were correct except the AB car. None the less I decided to refine the decals, this time with all the running numbers that existed, plus changes in the weight of the coaches and some other stuff. I hope to finish them by the weekend and I will send them for printing. I will be on holidays until the 15th of July and I hope when I get back the Decals will be finished. People that have already gotten decals from me, please inform me after the 15th of July to send to the new ones (of course free of charge) and should be more people interested, please write to me asap so that I can see how many I should print. Tim I know from your side your needs.

A link to a few information about the coaches and how you can model them. ... nger-cars/


Re: SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:29 pm
by Andreas
Hello to all,

the reworked decals were just send for printing. I made a lot of changes and I also found that within the same class the coaches varied in their Weight. I have adapted all of these to the original data that I had and I hope the best results comes out.

I will be on vacation from Wenesday evening till the 15th of July so no updates up to then.... :o


Re: SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:34 pm
by Andreas
I had today in the morning a small surprise on my desk at work. The decals arrived!!!

Everybody that has the old decals please write to me and say, which you have so that I can replace them.

Christo and Barba, please give me the running number of you 3-axle Baggage van decals so that I can send you a set o new ones with the smaller letters for the chassis.


Re: SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:09 am
by BalkanExpress

Do these coaches exist under the OSE numbering and marking?

I have read your article in detail and I can´t see where do you applied the plastic strips in chassis. Could you post some photos in detail?



Re: SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:33 am
by Andreas
Hi BalkanExpress,

it could be that these coaches existed shortly as OSE. Some of them were taken over and I have them in the list of 1970. Sadly I do not how long they operated under OSE.

The German version of the coach has an frame that is not flush with the body. What I did with the plastic strip is to extend the body over the frame. I will post some pictures with the first chance.


Re: SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:19 pm
These carriages were called «Σπυρίδωνος» (Spiridonos)... and S.E.K. / O.S.E. had 5 classes of them, all built in Germany ( 1936 - 1937 ).

--> ΑΒφπτ 301 - 308 . Builder LINKE HOFMANN VEREINIGTE WESTDEUTSCHE WAGGONFABRIKEN, 1936. Many of them were '' lost '' during W.W.2.

--> ΑΒΓφπτ 461 - 464 . Buit by VEREINIGTE WESTDEUTSCH WAGGONFABRIK A.G. WERK GASTELL 1936-1937, possibly ONLY ΑΒΓφπτ 464 survived W.W.2 and then became ΑΒφπτ, and later got U.I.C. - R.I.C. number 50 73 39-20 196-8. On 1987 it was excluded from the scrapping list to remain as a museum piece and still exists ( burned ) at Lachanokipi, Thessaloniki.

--> Γφπτ 551 - 554 . Buit by GEBRÜDER CREDE & CO. CASSEL, 1936.

--> Γφστ 581 - 588 . Built by GOTHÄR CHRISTOPF & UNMACK A.G. 1936 - 1937. At least 583, 584, 585, 586, 587 and 588 became Γφπτ and then Βφπτ, maybe later with U.I.C. - R.I.C. style numbers. 583 became 50 73 29-20 452 and 585 became 50 73 29-20 453 and later 30 73 100 7 268-0 as a maintenance car. These cars have 8 doors in total, 4 at each side.

--> Πφστ 6 - 7 . Built by LINKE HOFMANN VEREINIGTE WESTDEUTSCHE WAGGONFABRIKEN, 1937. 6 was the royal car ( Π from Πολυτελείας = luxurious ) and 7 was something like the '' folowing of the royal car ''. Both survived the W.W.2 , became Πφπτ and then with U.I.C. - R.I.C. numbers 50 73 89-29 045 and 046 and finally 50 73 89-29 991-992. 50 73 89-29 991 became a helping car, and painted dark orange is even now part of the helping cars of Rentis depot and 50 73 89-29 992 was at Rentis around 2004, but has been transported to Amfiklia Stock keeping area.

I will post and some photos ....

EDIT: Some of the '«Σπυρίδωνος» cars became maintenance cars and renumbered to the series 30 73 100 7 000 - 330, so their original numbers are very difficult to be found (i have some but not all).

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:50 pm
Some photos .........

59 73 39-20 196-8, burnt at Lachanokipi, Thessaloniki


50 73 89-29 991 - Rentis depot


50 73 89-29 992 - Amfiklia stock keeping area


Some maintenance cars ...

30 73 100 7 322-4 as the 5th car (sleeping car) of the Track refurbishment train, at Alexandroupoli

30 73 100 7 322-4 (ΜΑ).JPG

I can't find my data for this right now ....... now at Ipato old mainline tracks, transported there from Rentis.


And two 8doors...

Alexandroupoli , 30 73 100 7 297-9

30 73 100 7 297-9 (ΜΑ).JPG

30 73 100 7 267-2 at Lianokladi, the car of the '' Thermal Sector '' ( it was travelling along the country with OSE staff informing other OSE staff about Engines e.t.c. )

30 73 100 7 267-2 (ΛΙΑΝΟΚΛΑΔΙ).JPG

Re: SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:09 pm
by Andreas
Some "corrections" about the royal coaches. According to my information just before the war SEK ordered one or more coaches as pullman car from Goerlitz for the royal family. These cars did not survive WWII in Greece and probably fell in to German hands. There is the speculation that at least one survives today, and was after WWII in eastern germany as a goverment pullman car. I could not verify this information up to now although I know, which coach it could be.

The two coaches that were from this series and belonged to the royal family were modified from standard coaches after WWII. This was verified by various sources.


Re: SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:20 pm
Nice, thank you Andreas ..... Do you have the number / s of the '' lost '' carriages ?? Any photos ??

Re: SEK 1936 Coaches

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:35 pm
by TimCC6558
A couple more photos of the 'Thermikon' coach, taken at Lianokladi in October 2005. Glad to learn exactly what it was at last. If Andreas could do the transfers, we could have a nice model of this coach........

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