Marchetti carriages of the S.P.A.P. - 1952

Marchetti carriages of the S.P.A.P. - 1952

Postby Georgegala » Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:30 pm

After the Second World War, the SPAP, like all the other railway companies had almost no passenger carriages.For example, the Germans destroyed lots of steam locos, passenger and freight cars, one Uerdingen and a Linke Hofmann by fulling them with explosives, throwing them off either Saflas bridge (Linke) or from either Kakia Skala or Isthmos (also knon as Corinth Canal).
However, like the Σ.Θ. with the Bredas, the SPAP received some passenger carriages from Italy in 1952, together with the Breda steam locos and some freight cars for use with the ραβδωτά ones, which have their own topic.


So, the numbering goes like the following;

ΑΒφκτ 601-610, first and second class

ΒΚφκτ 811-818, second class with bar

Despite the fact that they can easily be recognised, lots of people (like me :mrgreen: ) confuse them with the ραβδωτα.They differ in lots of things, though.For example, the space over the doors on the roof and the windows are two main differences.What is more, the rubber connection was a later addition to most of them (thanks Jason) and NOT original.

After the German carriages had come, some of those that had survived went to the former Thessaly Railways network to help, as the wooden Belgian wagons were TOO old.They were used with either Mitsubishi or Krupp and Jung locos, sometimes with the Breda trailers in their compositions.However, some of them were converted to track maintainance vehicles.

Now, most of the Marchettis survive, either in good (I mean acceptable...) or bad condition at;

Velestino, after the station
Volos (?)
Other stations (and not only) in meter gauge Thessaly...

In spite of the fact that some of them had been generally repaired (γενική επισκευή) in 1994, they never ran again.

EDIT 19/4/2018; Three Marchetti carriages were converted at Μ.ΠΡ. in 1961 for use with Gagarin and received the numberings Ρ.Ο. 51,55,56.All of them have been scrapped (2002 and 2015 at Patras and ?).One of them was again converted to track maintainance vehicle and was scrapped in Leontarion.
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Re: Marchetti carriages of the S.P.A.P. - 1952

Postby kostas_bakelas » Mon Aug 24, 2020 8:16 pm

Dear George,

Thanks for the most valuable information on the subject. Does anyone have any plans of these carriages, because I plan to build them as HOm models?

Thank you in advance for your help

best regards

Kostis Bakelas
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