Eτ 1001-1027 - Italy 1955

Eτ 1001-1027 - Italy 1955

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27 units built by NUOVE REGGIANE, OFFICINE MECCANICHE ITALIANE S.p.A. REGIO EM. ITALIA, 1955 for the Thessalian Railways (Σ.Θ.), numbered Ετ 1001-1027

(NOTE: Σ.Θ. were allways ''strange'' with those codes. That's why ''E'' for the Σ.Θ. is the what we know as "Z".)

They are the newer wagons used by the Thessalian Railways :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Photo: A. Luft, Ετ 1016 .


1004 - Dasolofos


1006 - Aerino


1010 converted to passenger - excursion car by the E.MO.S. (Εταιρία Μουσειακών Σιδηροδρόμων) and indicated as '' ΘΕτ '' - Velestino


1026 - Aerino


One of them was recently converted to a works - maintenance vehicle by N. Kioleidis for E.MO.S. - Velestino

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